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elk i get the idea of manging the threads . and i agree with the naim bull . its just rude . but why the caps its with the ds??

also there should be threads started by you. an example if i am posting about caps for the ps audio DS . then start a thread on caps and move it there and anouce it. i know i should of did it and i amthinking of doing it and would very much like your help in structher it.

you can see in my posy why i need help.

just a thoght



Hi, Al

I personally have no trouble with discussing competing products and comparing them with the DS. As an example, I enjoyed your comments regarding the Lampinator.

I’ll pull out your post(s) regarding the CAPS system and will start a new thread. If I get it wrong, just let me know - for example if you would like a different thread title.:)

Similarly, if anyone would like related posts moved as a group to a different, new thread please provide me with the post numbers and I will create a new thread with them.

My hope is that by dividing up topics we will get more and better discussions. Plus, new visitors will be able to find things.


Frode, I moved your post to the “Help us improve the Forum thread.” I do not know if the software gives you any warning that your post was moved.