DS Dac + TIDAL (via web)

I am trying to get TIDAL to play through my MacBook Pro when connected to the DS DAC. I have no problems playing music through Audirvana via USB, but can’t get music to play through TIDAL (via Google Chrome). Below please find what is displayed on the DAC:

The USB Input is green

Input: PCM

Rate: 352.8K

16 bits

Obviously the rate is wrong, so something isn’t syncing. Changing settings in Audio MIDI setup doesn’t help.



FWIW, I have no problems listening to TIDAL (via web) when using my Apogee Audio interface (Duet USB, ADC/DAC).

I’m not sure if this will help, as I don’t know Audirvana, but…

I usually run iTunes & Pure Music through my Mac Mini server. When I do, the output device in the Sound panel under System Preferences is set to “Channel D PAD”. Another option in the Sound panel is “PS Audio USB 2.0 Audio Out”. For some reason, I don’t always have to change the output device, but other times, I do.

Make sure that Audirvana isn’t hijacking the output device. Fire up Chrome and log in to Tidal, then check the output device to make sure it’s on the PS Audio option.

Good advice. I’ve got it working on my MacAir.

Glad it helped, EldRick.

I’ve also noticed that after upgrading the firmware, in PureMusic Audio Setup, the device becomes blank. I don’t think this is a DS issue; more of a PureMusic issue, but one to be noted nonetheless.


I use Kodi 15.0 plus Tidal Audiophile plug in 1.34 found here:


There is Amarra that has a stand alone player. I assume you are a subscriber (Tidal). Past that, not sure Im a Windoze user…

Really love listening to all this music!!!

I just installed Amarra for Tidal 1.1 on my MacAir, and paid for it within the hour.

It is a Huge audible improvement over the Tidal app or web app in almost every audible way. As just one example, the Tidal apps seem to over-inflate the bass and baritone range on a lot of music - good for hip-bop (sic), but not much else. Amarra has a much more natural tonal balance, and sounds much closer to the CDs on the tracks I compared.

Repeat - it sounds Much better than the freebies - well worth $50 if you pay for Tidal’s lossless streaming.

After a day or so, I must also report that although it sounds better than the Tidal apps, Amarra has a seriously mediocre UI, is fairly buggy WRT Sleep and Hibernation (it breaks the output connection to the DS), and takes an unreasonable amount of time refreshing lengthy playlists almost every time you start the program. Worse, it freezes between tracks with a message “waiting for server” every couple of hours.

I really can’t recommend Amarra for Tidal until they get it working a lot better.

It seems that there is Always a trade-off for better sound…