Time well spent with REW


I spent a few hours tweaking my dual sealed servo subs using REW. Amazing what a few iterations of adjust/measure/repeat can achieve even with sub optimal room dimensions and decay.

The final values are simply not anything one could guess or happen upon through listening and experimentation. No two settings are the same on the two subs.

Volume, phase/delay, x-over - all different, some only slightly but made a significant difference in measurements.

LPF slope and bass ext - these ended up the same but I tried all combinations. With 3 variable dials and two switches, one with 3 settings there a bunch of combinations to try.

The subs are not symmetrical in relation to my listening spot but are pretty close to symmetrical in the space.

My mains are asymmetrical in the space. Fact of also using it as a living room.

The room modes are pretty clear, resonance at 45hz and nulls at 80, 100 and 140, 180hz…convolution will knock down the peaks with little damage.