Speakers comparable to Amphion Argon 3?

I recently heard the Amphion Argon 3 standmounts speakers at a dealer, and I fell in love with everything about them except for the price (3000 new, plus whatever the stands cost).

Which begs the question: can anyone suggest some other speakers out there that are sonically similar to the Argons but are priced a little lower, possibly Internet direct?

What I liked about the Argons was how transparent they were without sounding analytical and lean. I felt like I was right there in the studio. They also have amazing bass response considering their size, but since I’ll be using a sub, that’s not a driving factor for me.

In the same listening session, I listened to Revel Performa3 towers and thought they were too warm, and they were more transparent than KEF R700s. Also, I felt closer to the music than I have in the past listening to Ascend Sierra 1s (NrT), though I do like the ascend quite a bit. (Similarly transparent, but not quite as alive.) Although it’s been years since I heard them, they reminded me of my memory of some high end Dalis, I forget which line, but they were even pricier.

Before I drop 3k on these, is there anything out there with comparable sound but smaller sticker?

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I don’t know the Argon’s but ELAC has a new line with concentric tweeters/midranges. Their top of the line floor-stander is about $1k. I haven’t heard them but their cheaper line got rave reviews across the board. They sell direct and also are available from musicdirect.com and amazon. I don’t know what the company’s trial policy is but musicdirect allows 60 days. No idea if they are comparable to the speakers you mentioned but just mentioned it for what it’s worth (and I have no connection with the company).