To Paul: Gershman Grand Avant Garde + BHK 250 Synergy


Would like to know if you guys have any experience with gershman grand avant garde.


Can you chime a bit on the synergy between BHK 250 and gershman avant garde. I’m looking for a 3D holographic image, with great soundstage while not sacrifying bass when I’m in the mood of listening rock & roll and some bass heavy stuff. Is it the right speaker for me paired with BHK 250?


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I know your question is about synergy, and I cannot help with that. I do love Gershman Acoustics “Posh” loudspeaker. They were powered by VAC monoblocks at Axpona and sounded so clean and distortion free and musical, and just simply wonderful. I also heard Gershman’s small 2-way speakers but those did not have any of the same splendor that “Posh” has.