Vivid Giya G3

I just bought a pair of the highly acclaimed Vivid Giya G3. I want to physically downsize my evolution acoustics MM3 and fell in love with the Giya as a show. Hope they work in my room. Anyone knows of anyone driving these with the BHK monoblocks? Apparently the speakers are quite demanding on amps. Would the matchup work?

While they cannot be sufficiently powered by a small amp, they do not appear that difficult to drive. I am certain the BHK monoblocks can easily handle them.

They are striking looking, in an Alice in Wonderland sort of way.

I am not convinced about the looks. My reference for aesthetics are the avalons (I owned eidolons). But if they sound as good in my room as they did at AXOPONA is a crappy little hotelroom the looks will grow on me. Interestingly that demo was also the first time analog blew digital out of the water to my ears.

Interesting. I have also always been draw to Avalons. They are even better in person than the pictures suggest.

Works of art, but a total rip off at full retail. Even current models sell for 1/3 used which makes them a decent value.

Wow a 45k analog and 45k digital setup side by side…rare comparison in one room. But as mostly probably no comparable masterings used…

The two times I was at a show and they play vinyl on the $100K turntable into a $200K system and I’m supposed to be blown off my socks I preferred the digital (much cheaper to boot).

The guy demo’ing the Giya’s spun a record on a modestly priced table (around $5K), and it simply bested the digital source. This was a first for me.

Too many variables to count, plus individual listener preferences = no meaningful comparison is possible.

Back on topic, when will the G3s arrive? What else are you considering to power them?

They will be here next week or the week after that. I need to hire some movers to disassemble the incumbent MM3s and make space for the G3s so may be some time before I’m up and running. I could put them in front of the MM3s when the arrive just to get a flavor.


I look forward to your comparison report. Totally different animals.

Moving the MM3s is quite a task.

I tried the JBL 4367 as a potential replacement for the MM3s and they fell short.

According to John Atkinson’s review and measurements they are over 86 db and only once get into the 5 ohm range so not that difficult to drive. He drove them with ease with the Pass 60.5 mono’s and the BHK’s have over three times the power at 8 and 4 ohms to they shouldn’t break a sweat.

Edorr congrats on your purchase - I’m sure you’ll be very happy.

I used to have a very crappy sound room, and once thought I “upgraded” by trading my (then) B&W Nautilus 802’s in on the 802 Diamonds. It was an absolute disaster! Excellent though the Diamonds be, they simply did not work in my very sound-unfriendly room.

Then my friend Philip Guttentag [Laurence Dickie’s partner] brought over a set of 1st generation Vivid Giya 2’s, and all my problems were solved! They were so much more room friendly than the Diamonds!! Excellent imaging with little setup.

These speakers definitely look better “in the flesh” than in pictures. But yes, they have the type of looks you either love or hate.

I had the Giya 2’s until last year … then I upgraded them to the flagship Giya Spirit 1’s, piano black. I’m extremely happy with them! I have the BHK Pre and BHK 300’s, and they drive the Spirits with ease.

I’m confident you’ll be very happy, and that the BHK’s will drive your 3’s with ease.

edorr said

I am not convinced about the looks … But if they sound as good in my room as they did at AXOPONA is a crappy little hotelroom the looks will grow on me.

These used to be my sentiments too, until I lived with the Giya 2’s for a few days - after that they disappeared in the room (yeah, I know - sounds a little like a cliché)

Thanks, that is the kind of reassurance I was looking based on real word experience!

I was astounded how well they sounded in a crappy hotel room at AXPONA, so I’m hopeful they are indeed very room friendly.

Any speaker which sounds good in a hotel room is room friendly. :slight_smile:

It is amazing how some speakers just work, and others need a lot of room setup and acoustic treatment.

Here they are. Singing beautifully and effortlessly driven by BHK monos. Matching center channel is on order.


Have you had a chance to form any initial impressions?


Yes. These speakers are right in my sweetspot. I listen mainly to small ensemble acoustic music, including solo instruments. To me “timbre” and “tonality” is the most important attribute of a speaker. These speakers perform beautifully on this dimension, outperforming my (now gone) MM3’s on some material, including the solo guitar recording (Ralph Towner) I was listening to yesterday. They also throw a massive soundstage. I have not deployed Dirac DRC yet, because I will do a single MCH calibration when all the new speakers are in, so things will still get better.

I have not played any MCH concert BluRay material yet, so I have to see how they hold up on this material. If I find them lacking in abilty to energize the room with enough bass, I would consider getting subs, but I’m hopeful I won’t need to.