Tom Waits - Damn is he good

Damn is he good.

Bruce in Philly


hey bruce. I agree. love that tune “Fish and Bird”.

if interested, check out the version on Noam Pikelny’s album 'Beat the Devil and Carry a Rail"…Aoife O’Donovan on vocals. one of my all time favourites.

peace out.

Here’s a pretty good bootleg (credit to @bootzilla)

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I love him!

Check out „Emotional weather report“ on „Nighthawks at the diner“

Have 47 digital versions (ahem…there were a few reissue options) and about 12 vinyl, even the rare „Bone machine“ :grin:

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Two must-own Waits albums for me are Mule Variations and Alice. I have 18 of his albums. More than any other artist. He’s a national treasure in my book.

Not many artists can take a standard like Danny Barker’s “Tootie Ma is a big fine thing,” and make it his own. Impressive!

Right there with you on album likes and his songwriting status.

I have the vinyl box set Orphans which I could probably sell on EBay for an arm and a leg, but they will likely pry it from my cold dead hands

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Bones Howe is a great producer and they seem to often record instruments in an acoustic space, leading to some great Sonics.

I have some German LP pressings that are great .

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Yes Tom is really something special!


Brilliant album, not a weak track on it!

Check out VH-1 Storytellers album. Fun listen with Tom giving a short monologue before each track

Check out Amber Rubarth performing “Hold On”.

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Just listening to “Muriel” from Foraign affairs on a US first pressing LP. It sounds so damn good and is such great music!!

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