Jack White - Entering Heaven Alive

Just received my copy of Jack White’s latest release, “Entering Heaven Alive”. I bought the Limited Edition Web Store Exclusive Tranquil Turquoise Vinyl directly from Third Man Records. Unfortunately, my copy has the side two tracks on both sides of the vinyl (the labels are correct). Just curious if anyone else has run into this situation? Inquiry submitted to TMR customer service to rectify.

As an aside, I really like the mellower, more acoustic nature of this album. Good pressing as well (other than the aforementioned issue…)

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I have the album too, but not the vinyl edition. I think this is one of his best albums. My opinion, he had trouble discovering exactly where he fit in in the music scene and I think ‘Entering Heaven Alive’ defines his place amoung very talented musicians.

By the way, have 11 tracks. Are you missing any tracks?

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Yeah, that’s a bummer about the screwy vinyl pressing. I’m sure Third Man will make this right. Loving the material and ordered the CD.

I guess technically I have ten tracks (the five side-two tracks twice :blush:). Fortunately, I’ve been able to stream the entire album on Tidal so I know what I’m missing.

Sent an email to TMR Customer Service earlier this morning and still waiting for a reply. I’ll try calling tomorrow if I still haven’t heard back. I had an issue awhile back with one of their Vault releases containing a defective (warped) LP. They made good on it and I’m confident they’ll do the same with this.

I can’t imagine that you are the only one.

If you are, I wonder if it’s more valuable…like when postage stamps have errors. Thought postage stamps have philatelic value.

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That would be very cool Vince - I’d happily part with it for a pair of FR30s :grin: