Torreys Final killed my left channel - DirectStream Junior

Help. I installed the Torreyes final this morning, and it killed the left channel! What do I do?

Please provide us more information. What did you do? What exactly is the equipment doing now? Etc.

Have you tried to reload the previous firmware you were using?

I copied the Final Torrey’s release, force install version, to a USB drive. Turned off the DSJ. Put the drive in the back. Rebooted. The blue light flashed for awhile and then it came on. I turned it off. Turned it on. Tried to play a song through Roon. Works, but only one channel comes out. Checked my other sources, replugged in the cables, still only one channel. Reinstalled Torreys, no change.

i have a recently purchased DSJ.

i have not tried to downgrade the firmware. I don’t know where to get it.

Sorry about that. It definitely isn’t the firmware that’s caused the problem. Resorting to an older version won’t help. Can you try a couple of things before we get you some help on Monday?

With the USB stick removed, try a fresh power cycle from the back panel.

Go to your remote and check to make sure the balance control didn’t get swung all the way to one side.

Swap output cables to see if the problem moves from one channel to the other.

Let us know.

Fresh power cycle did not change the problem. Nor did switching the cable ends. The problem remained on the same side.

How very strange. My apologies.

And you checked the balance control on the remote?

Please get in touch with us Monday morning and we’ll get you handled.

My apologies.

I experienced that exact issue after the initial forced install. The powering off and on cycle cured it and all has been perfect since then. I would try the power cycle a couple of times and see if that makes any difference.

I carefully examined the remote and did not see a control for balance…

It is not on the remote. Hold the button left of the screen to invoke the settings area. First up is balance. use the volume knob to adjust accordingly.

It was, and is, centered.

Nuts. I was rooting for an easy solution.

I suggest powering down, unplugging the unit for the night, and booting up again in the morning.

If you don’t get it fixed, email me at


You might try adjusting the balance all the way back and forth between left and right and back to center a couple times.

Powering down over night did not help.

legaltrouble said Powering down over night did not help.
Can you try going back to Yale? also email me at