Torus RM15 to Power Plant P5?


I have the Torus RM15 power conditioner, and wondering it will be better to replace it with the Power Plant P5.

The RM15 works fine, but I think the power in my neighborhood is getting worse. I live in an apartment. During the day (when people are out) the sound in my system seems smoother and has a wider soundstage. In the evenings (when everyone is home and also when I do most of my listening) sometimes the sound is harsher and a bit thin. I have four PS Audio Noise Harvesters in the same wall outlet as my power conditioner, and they are blinking more often (and more rapidly) these days, especially in the evening/night, compared to a few months ago. So, I’m not sure if the RM15 is enough; perhaps there’s too much noise from neighbors?

Another concern I have is that some people mentioned that some amps should not be plugged into the P5, as it will limit dynamics. I don’t want to plug my amp into the wall because it has no surge protection. Looking at my system, is the P5 going to provide enough power? These components will be plugged into the P5 if I get one:

—Octave V70SE tube integrated amp (75 watts per channel)
—Bryston BDA-2 DAC
—Oppo HA-1 headphone amp.
(The computer/server is on another outlet, on a UPS unit)


That doesn’t sound like a very heavy load for the P5 so my guess is you would be fine. I don’t know the Torus units but I understand they are (or use) isolation transformers. Those can also restrict dynamics, particularly if they are not big enough. Not having compared the two I couldn’t say which would suit your needs best (but we are PSA fans here, naturally). You can get PSA products on 30-day trial so you could get a P5 and compare it to your Torus. That’s the best way to find out.