Transparent Cables Music Link Ultra

I am not an audio guy, but I was given a pair of Transparent Cables to sell for a friend (Balanced Musi Link Ultra 1MPR KU3) and before I post them for sale I wanted to get an idea what to ask moneywise. They appear to be new in the box but there is no paperwork or instruction manual with them. Anyone have an idea what a fair asking price should be?
I’m seeing that other Transparent Cables are selling for extremely high prices. What makes these so valuable?

Try to get a valuation under the sold/expired tab. Not all Transparent cables are worth a lot of money.

Can you post a picture of the box and cables? That would help.

Also, there are at least five generations of Transparent cable, dating from 1993 or so: G1, XL, MM, MM2 and G5.

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Very true about multiple generations of cable. It’s hard to tell by the pictures but they appear to be an older pair from the jacket on the cable.

The Music Room had a similar cable at $395 for 1 M. So probably less since the dealers tend to be higher.

I agree, that gold plate does not look like a modern design

It’s a Gen 1. Otherwise, the gold plate would say XL. I think the later generations have different plates.

Those look like gen 1’s. Ultra is the series just below Transparent’s Reference level, considered to be their best value. Quick check for Gen 1 Ultra Balanced MusicLinks is around 350 pounds. That’s around $385 USD. Later models are much more spendy.

Transparent has a trade up program so you can have your transparent cables updated or upgraded to latest versions. You can also have them customized. I’ve used the service to change the speaker terminations on my speaker cables and also upgraded from a Plus series cable to a Super series cable.

Good luck with the sale!