Stealth Cables


The price, like Crazy Eddy, “is insane.”

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I have heard they seem nice.


I have two prototypes of Sergei’s early entry-level Stealth power cables. Quite nice for the time. Sergei had commentary about how the cable’s ground affects sound. They are well built and sounded good for the price.

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fr DS lundhall

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I have a new Stealth Octava-T (for Tuner!!!) SPDIF cable on its way direct from the Factory. It is the last non-Stealth cable I have in my main system. If I hear a nice improvement with this cable I may be hooked.

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Rats, a package from Stealth arrived today. Wrong cable. I ordered an SPDIF and received an AES/EBU. That won’t do.

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With no offense intended toward Mr. Angen or anyone else, I do struggle with the value proposition of some of the truly expensive cables.

I understand that all wealth, as well as a person’s sense of value, is relative, but I have a hard time wrapping my sensibilities around the MSRP for this otherwise beautifully impressive set of Hi-Fi accouterment:

I think I have experience with those cables.

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All that and a bag of chips?


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Then they were not made for you.

Non-audiophiles feel the same with respect to all audiophile kit.

And thus they purchase big TVs instead.


I’m not a Stealth expert but that price seems very steep for a 1m pair V12 that is several generations behind the current model.

It’s a very simple proposition actually.
Once you hear them everything becomes clear.


Wow! That should be their tag line!


I once told a non-audiophile what I paid for my cartridge. Poor guy could barely keep both eyeballs going in the same direction. He had to have a lie-down.
I’ll never do that again.


The thing is, when normals see addicts pay 50k for a watch, they don’t expect it runs better than one for 80$, they probably think, part of it is justified by material value and the rest is just afforded for show off reason or collection purposes because the money is available.

When normals see addicts buying audio cabling for 50k (or even just 500$), they have no idea why this could be done and even if they’d be invited to listen, they still wouldn’t understand. Audio cabling (probably audio generally) has an extremely low factor of understanding among all options of throwing out money.


I like the reference to addicts.

My experience is non-addicts do not see any value in most audio components, especially transports and amplifiers.

They are, however, often interested in the room. Merely walking into the space feels different.

As I have mentioned previously, the very purpose of a hobby is to waste time and money. Audiophilia does this particularly well.


Most if not all people though have at least one exposed leaking jugular of legal or questionable hobbies or devotions or extra expenses that makes other people’s BP flit.

I cannot parse that statement.

It’s like after they roll on the floor about the price of your turntable and then ask you out to the country club and offer to run you to the club in their '47 wood Chris-Craft while dusting their rare Bull Riding trading cards…as it relates to Ron’s story about the cartridge price. Stealth cables are nice ones too.