Trigger use/setup question

New to this.
If i connect my BHK PRE>1 bhk 300

Then connect that Bhk 300 to the 2nd BHK 300

will that work to turn on both monoblocks from the BHK PRE?

Thank you

There are two trigger inputs but no trigger outs. I use this to turn on my M1200 mono amps - run a single 1/8" mono trigger cable from the preamp to this;

I never could find that cable anywhere else. It’s a neater installation than running two trigger cables.

Hmm, I realize in retrospect that the larger size chassis of the BHK amp means those cables I linked to aren’t going to work without a female/male extension cord. Probably easier to just use two cables. You have brought up a useful feature that’s lacking in the BHK amps: a trigger “out.”

Thanks man

paul gave this answer a while ago - you can daisy chain from the BHK300s,which i do need to try.
The first method of daisy chaining is what I do. A single cable from the preamp trigger to BHK 1, then daisy chain from there to BHK 2

Well thx for that guess no harm in just trying it

This is yet another example of something that should be explained in better detail in PSA’s product manuals.

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