Trigger question

Looking for some trigger help.
Just got pair of M1200 and a BHK pre
Can i hook them all together and activate all with just powering up the BHK pre?

That’s what I am doing. Powering on BHK will power up M1200s with the preset delay.

That’s what I do with my Stellar Pre and M700 monos. I set a 10 second delay for the trigger.

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How do u set the delay?

I set mine at 25 seconds, and no, you do not need audiophile trigger wires.

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The BHK preamp menu button has several functions including trigger setting time.

It’s in the menu.

I think it is a 20 sec delay in BHK by default and I use the default. Get cheap trigger cables from Amazon and they work as well as those costing >$50.

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If you are handy trigger cables are easy to make. I personally don’t like the little stock cables that come with equipment.

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Thank you all