BHK 300 amp trigger wire

I’m seeing references for a 12V trigger between each amp and the BHK Pre.

Does this cable come with one of the BHK’s or something I need to get aftermarket. If so any specs on what is needed?


It’s a 3.5 mm mono jack wire usually. Lots of online sources

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3.5 mm stereo cables will also work if you have one laying around. You do have to buy it separately but they’re quite cheap and you can get the right length for your system.


Thanks to both of you for the info. Seems pretty straight forward

Two questions:

  1. Is mono preferable to stereo (or doesn’t it matter)?
  2. Is cable quality an issue or is this a case of, if it works, it’s good?

Doesn’t matter either should work. But mine are all mono.

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This is what I’m using for the trigger cable.

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Go cheap. It’s sending a trigger signal, not audio data. $7 for a two-pack.


What is the best way to connect 12V trigger cables from my ARC LS28 preamp, which has only 1 trigger out, to the BHK300s?
Connect cable from preamp “trigger out” to one of the 2 “trigger in’s” of the left BHK300, then a second cable from the 2nd “trigger in” of that left BHK300 to one of the “trigger in’s” of the right channel BHK300? Does using a splitter half the voltage so that only 6V are sent to each BHK300?
Connect a splitter to the preamp “trigger out” & run 2 cables from that splitter, to a “trigger in” on each BHK300?

The first method of daisy chaining is what I do. A single cable from the preamp trigger to BHK 1, then daisy chain from there to BHK 2.

BHK300 trigger connections are both labeled “trigger in”. Do they actually work both ways?

Also, does using the trigger preserve the preferred sequence of power amps on last, off first? Given that my preamp has a mute at turn on, it probably doesn’t matter in my situation.

Does it matter if stereo or mono cables are used or will either work? Can noise enter the system through the cables using this connection? Is shielding important here?