TSS Two Chassis Super DAC


The system I heard the Select 2 DAC, the speakers alone were worth more than $250K.


Worth or cost?


Cost. I didn’t think they were worth a fraction of that.


Well that really just goes to show….


@tedsmith What will be the best digital connection to transport audio data from a source device (player/streamer/bridge) to the TSS? Which will deliver the best result from a sound quality perspective? What is your personal opinion on that?


My goal is that all inputs will support the same level of sound quality. Nothing is perfect, but there will be at least three additional levels of isolation for each input: (optional) galvanic isolation at the input (to separate possible groundloops), then the optical isolation between the digital and analog box and finally multiple levels of reclocking to lower jitter in the analog box.


Hi @tedsmith
I understand the product does not exist yet, but do you already know or have a target for what will be the output Vrms of the TSS?


The “standard” CD voltages levels: 2V RMS (5.657 P-P) for unbalanced and 4V RMS (11.324V P-P) for balanced. There will also be an option to use the unbalanced (RCA) output as a balanced output and (when combined with the isolate the ground option) you’ll be able to get 4V RMS from it. Here’s a simplified sketch of the output with the various isolation, attenuation, etc. option relays.


Wow. In what circumstance would somebody use RCA balanced drive? Is it solely to get the extra voltage on a single-ended cable?


Yes, people are often asking for more voltage on the RCA connector. They should be very careful that that’s not too much voltage for their preamp, but for some amps the extra voltage may be welcome. There are a few systems which have fully isolated RCA inputs (i.e. the RCA ground isn’t connected to the chassis ground), but since the output of the DS can be isolated from the DS’s ground the RCA can be used in balanced mode on any preamp/amp.

Also people are often asking for two balanced outputs without using a Y connector, this may help.


Thanks for the answer, and for me I am glad to hear I can use 2 balanced output, one to my pre, one to my Stax amp (a DIY with only balanced inputs)