Tuning sounds -- will this be fixed?


I am using my PWD-II in my main system with AES/EBU input (from a SimAudio MiND). I just tried it in a second system with direct USB input, using the most recent Windows driver from the PS Audio site. In both cases, the media player is J.River Media Center.

I consistently get “tuning sounds” – audible HF frequency sweeps – when selecting a high resolution file after playing CD-resolution music. The sweeps occur before the music comes through. There are also a few clicks and pops. I wouldn’t expect these noises from a high-end component offered by a well-known manufacturer.

The PWD-II is at the most recent firmware level (2.4.1). I also experienced the problem before the update from 2.2.0.

I have seen several messages here noting this issue, but I haven’t located a response, if there is one, from PS Audio about this defect. Is this ever going to get fixed?




Time frame?


Send your PWD back to PS Audio as a test subject that produces these sounds when changing rates and it will probably happen much sooner.



Paul, would this really help? If so, I’ll consider doing it.


I hope that it does. I was half joking, but only half. Thanks for your offer, and I hope that it will help if Paul takes you up on it.



I may have to do the same.

I was hoping to take it with me while going to RMAF but the trip did not pan out this year.


My appreciation to PSA for fixing this in the latest firmware.