PWD 2.4.3 Released.

PWD 2.4.3 Has been reeleased. It can be downloaded at:


Release 2.4.3 11/08/13 BS


Add delay for NativeX changeover to fix “tuning” noises

Add IR command calls so Analog1 and Analog2 buttons select I2S input 2 (for NuWave Phono Compatability)

I’m a little surprised by the release of this software. People, including myself, are reporting unacceptable pops between songs if the sample rate changes.

My post on the beta forum:

I’m also experiencing one loud pop when the sample rate changes between two songs. Normally i hear 2 (relay) clicks when the sample rate changes. With Bridge firmware 2.4.3 i hear a loud pop over the speakers just before the second relay click. Both on Native as well as NativeX. Also, it does’t matter if i go from lower to higher sample rate or the other way around. Somehow the output of the PWD is not muted when changing the sample rate. I’m using JRiver on a Mac mini (OSX). Screenshot PWD attached. I really like the sound of this firmware!

Same here…:frowning: the tuning noises are gone though…

Please be careful everyone. There are indeed unresolved issues with this firmware.

I personally believe it should still be in beta.

I’m with Elk on this…be very careful

Is there any protocol for testing new firmwares? It doesn’t matter how many testers you have if they don’t know what to test or how to report issues in a structured way.

just downloaded this firmware.

- still have noises (cracks) on my speakers when I switch from 16/44 to 24/96 and back.

this time the noise is not proportional to the volume. I got it with volume at 0…

- the other problem is I can’t get the pwd on the media renderer available if I keep the sd card on. as soon as I remove it then restart, I get the pwd back as a player again but loose the cover arts.

This doesn’t look good .

Tried this out. Pops when switching between media with different bit depths and/or sample rates, but these are not bad. I believed the loud white noise issue to be resolved until I tried 24/176 material - unpleasantly surprised to find that it is still a problem, at least at this sampling rate. Back to 2.2.0…

Hi Dennis

Can we change this version number to 2.4.4?

I suspect posting it out of Beta was a slip of the keyboard?

With my Pwd it sound beautiful, very precise, nice seperation of the instruments,no pops!

I agree. For those of us who never experienced issues with odd noises, 2.4.3 is great.

The problem is that while the new FW ameliorates some of the issues, it does not fully resolve them.

should we wait for another new release??



I confirm that ‘tuning’ noises are gone for me! Thank you!!!

Do not forget to disconnect PWD from the amp before upgrading! The white noise during the upgrade is very loud!


你的意思是哪个卷? PWD或前置?:)
People, including myself, are reporting unacceptable pops between songs if the sample rate changes.

Thank You, for this warning ..

Its working fine from here. I need to give it more time to see if the ‘regular’ freezes when switching from usb to the network input continues.

One thing for those who do have ‘anomalous’ behavior…

Try turning off the PWD, unplugging it, then wait 10-20 minutes.

Then plug it back in, and fire it back up and see if that helps.

It’s an easy, and quick way to see if that will resolve some/many/all issues.


People, including myself, are reporting unacceptable pops between songs if the sample rate changes.

Thank You, for this warning ..

You're welcome.
As a beta tester it is my job to prevent stupid things from happening in the real world. Unfortunately it does not prevent companies from acting like un unguided missile

No need for me to volunteer for beta it seems.

Actually I’m excited. This is the first firmware since 2.20 where I’ve had no issues with “white noise”. I’ve tried all the usual high res suspects, and they work fine. I still get a low volume pop on changinging sample rates, but this is not anywhere near the range of speaker damaging.

My system has seemed particularly prone to the white noise issue, possibly due to my interface of W4S server to PWD over HDMI. But I think PS Audio have nailed it! =D>

Next up… The pops…

Question please.

I am very pleased with 2.4.1, the original version, almost no pops.

Anybody notice SQ difference between 2.4.3 and 2.4.1 ?