Turning off the Logo lights on M700

Is it possible to turn off or turn down the logo lights on the M700?

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My guess is they are not dimmable but there are these things which @elk showed me which you can put over them to dim the light. They have sheets and pre cut versions. I use them quite a bit to tame some very bright LEDs.

Dim It Light Dimming Sheets https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006R0VWSG/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_hOk8CbFQNVY9N


Yes, I need something to be done about my S300, as it’s used with the Gain Cell DAC on my desktop. And at night, its WAAAAy too bright.
Anyway to get a firmware update anytime to disable the bright logo?


I used an alternative to the Light Dimming Sheets. When I get my eyes examined the doc usually gives me a pair of throw away “sunglasses”. The thin plastic wrap-around things you have to use if you forgot your real sunglasses.

The bedroom cable box clock was so bright it bothered my wife. I just cut a piece of the “sunglasses” to size and taped it over the clock light. You don’t notice the tape/cover once you are a couple feet away.

Works great.

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No, they are at a fixed brightness level in the hopes of consistency when you stack them up. Sorry if it’s a bit too bright.


As asked above, is there any discussion of a firmware update to lessen the brightness?

No plans for any firmware update in the amps. Veneet’s suggestion of that dimmer film stuff seems like it will work really well.

No because the firmware hasn’t any control over the brightness, which is set by a resistor.

You could also use car window tinting film. I’m sure you could get it for free if you ask nicely. :slight_smile:

If you really want to teach those LEDs a lesson…



Hahahah, maybe I’ll open the gcd up and make a switch for the logo brightness. I had to do that for my PC case lights.

… I know, I know, I shouldn’t do that.

My understanding is a simple mod like this is fine with PS Audio as long as it does no harm. If you hurt anything you are on your own as far as warranty, but I believe they will still help you.

Changing the resistor may do the job (if you can reasonably get to it).

You guys are complaining about the little ole’ blue squares on the PS Audio gear?

Heck, you should all try running the Musical Fidelity a3.2 preamp that I had for a while. That thing always had a total of 3 super bright blue LED’s that looked like 3 HID headlights firing straight into your chops all the time.

The lights on the PS Audio gear is nothing. They don’t bother me at all. Then again, I’m probably partially blind from that other preamp by now. LOL

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Hello Paul,
Considering the numbers of responses to this issue perhaps the brightness should be considered.

I do wish they would match the dimness across all the equipment like the p20, DS Senior and m700s, like the first two at their dimmest don’t match and the m700 is quite a bit brighter. But it does all sound very nice…

black tape?

Black tape…Works but absurd…these very bright lights betray the potential of the equipment

I wish i knew how to attach a resistor that would dim them and if there were any issues with me putting one in. And if the heat generated from it being on all the time would be an issue.

Maybe we can have ps audio do a how to video!

Like 'em the way they are. Stellar Gain Cell DAC and M700s are gorgeous, lights included.


I agree with @DrShaw. My Stellar stack looks stellar just the way it is, and I leave them powered on 24/7.

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