Light Pollution

What is the purpose of the internal LEDs in the SPP? They literally light up the ceiling over the equipment rack. That, in addition to the selection indicators on the front panel is quite distracting — yeah, I’m one who likes to listen to music in the dark.

I’m wondering why there’s no dimming function for at least the front panel lights, since changing selections is not a frequent activity. Right now, the SPP is the brightest component in my system!

LEDs are an integral part of the circuit. CCS I believe.

Agreed they are used as voltage references for biasing of something or other. I sympathize, I have some units with bright blue LEDs too and they light up the whole room. Masking tape and the like layered helps but it’s not necessarily a good look.

For decades we all bemoaned the lack of blue to go with red and green LEDs, so when they became available designers couldn’t get enough of them, that’s my theory anyway :slight_smile:

Edit, sorry yes you are correct more likely to be a ccs

Blue LEDs were initially expensive and thus signaled quality.

I hate all the LEDs on electronics. I wish there was always an option to turn them off.

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One of my Pass amps has a big useless blue lit dial. It shows current flow, specifically where it leaves class A. It never has and never will move. Hate it.

So the LEDs on the SPP cannot be dimmed?

Some lights are nice! Decware amp photo from their website, I used to own one (still miss it) now have a Triode in my office



Nope, can’t be dimmed.

And tube glow (note glow, not light :slight_smile: is soft and warm — I’ve a tube pre). Don’t mind that at all.

Of course referred to as glow… was keeping with the theme of the thread🙂


Look on Amazon for LightDims. They have sheets with various size stick on dots and squares or cut to size sheets. Different models block from 50% to 100% of the light. I have not tried these, but they look like they might work for those who are bothered by stray light from LEDs.

There are a few complaints about them not sticking or that too many of them are too small to be useful, so decide for yourself.

Oh gosh, a bit of a decent roll of black electrical tape will achieve the same 100% result. If the piece is cut to overhangs the LED a bit the upward glow will be significantly reduced.


Agreed, and layers of masking tape can reduce, tune to your taste. It also adds a “warming, yellowing” effect to harsh white LEDs :slight_smile: