Turning zones on/off at specific times

I’ve been paying more attention recently to how much electricity my home actually uses. I’ve learned how much is consumed by devices left on all the time. Research it and you may be surprised; I was.

I now turn off my BHK 250 from the back panel when I go to bed, usually about 11:00 (OK, sometimes I stay up later listening wink). Then I turn it on when I get home, usually about 4:00 so it’s ready to listen in the evening. This saves 75w x 16-17 hours a day, which adds up over time.

The problem is that I sometimes forget to turn it on. I thought about timers. Then it occurred to me: couldn’t the PSA power regenerators be programmed to turn zones on and off? They could get the time from the internet, avoiding the need to add a user interface to set the time. Then go to the web page and, along with other programming options, set a time for each zone to go on and off. Pressing a button on the screen could override the programmed setting if needed.

Is this possible? Do other people think it would be useful?

If the P3/P5/P10 can do this then I will buy one. I have been searching the Forum for exactly this reason. Does anyone know if this feature is available?

I, too, do not like leaving any electrical device on when I am not using it. But my listening is not on a schedule so a timer would be of no use.

There are many electric timers which can handle the load. Have you considered trying one? Theoretically they may add noise but I expect in practice do no detectable harm.

JKoestner said Does anyone know if this feature is available?
Not on the P5, unless I have overlooked something important in the manual, and presumably not the P3. I don't believe it's available on the P10; someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
Elk said Theoretically they may add noise but I expect in practice do no detectable harm.
This is the question. I've added a P5 to my system and am not keen on passing that nice clean power through a cheap timer. But maybe it wouldn't matter.

I’ve looked on line and found one with a pigtail that I could plug into the back of the P5, then plug the amp’s power cord into the timer. (The type that you plug directly into the socket wouldn’t work because it would take up at least two sockets, maybe even three, on the back on the P5 and I am using all the sockets.) I’m still not sold, but don’t see a lot of other options at this point.

My BHK250 will arrive Tuesday, I wonder how much it will more it will cost me on my electric bill if I leave it on 24/7 and just put it on standby. 10-20 dollars more per month?

I doubt even that much.