Turn off P5 and then turn on again

I have a new P5 and I have a couple of questions about turning it on and off.

  1. Does the PS Audio logo do anything? On my DS Jr it puts the unit in standby. On the P5 it does nada.
  2. I used the remote to turn the unit off tonight to see what it did. I have my integrated amp pulled into zone D and it stayed on longer than the other zones. Is that normal?
  3. How best to turn it back on after I used the remote to turn it off? I used the remote to turn it back on because again the logo button does not seem to do anything.
  4. When it powered back up everything came up at once. I figured that there would be a smallish delay on zones A, B and C. Maybe that's something I need to set up.
  5. I won't turn it off often but I do go away on business trips once in a while and I like to turn my gear off completely when I do so. Using the switch on the back panel is a PIA so I am looking for a quick and easy way to accomplish this.
  6. The manual is not very helpful about any of this.

The P5 logo button has the same function as your Jr. so it’s either stuck (happens) or not working. We have seen the button gets stuck and often times working it around a little loosens it up. Give it a try. If not, we may have to look at it for you.

The zones can be turned on and off separately as well as the timing set for delayed start or turn off.

Sorry about the manual. We’ll take a look and see if we can do better. It should be easy.

Thanks Paul. I tried the logo button again this afternoon and it worked. It just takes a much more deliberate push than does my Jr. Sp on/off works this way. I still have questions about setting the delays properly in the software. I will cal in this week and speak to someone. I can see the delays are all set for 3 seconds but I don’t see to be able to change them at all. Probably just user error.