P20 power consumption

Hi I have a P20 for loan and wounder how I can save some energy and at the same time have my source equipment on standby.

For the manual I can see that I can program some always on zones.
Does that mean that the P20 will use less power compared to just been turned on all the time?

Also how efficient are the P20 at generating energy? If I give it 100w how much of that will be used to generate a pure sine wave?

I cannot say about P20, but I have P12,

  1. On my P12, “always on” feature applies to “standby mode”, that, by default, when P12 is put to standby, the regenerated power to output outlets are off. (I.e. same as main power off on the gears plug to my P12). With “always on” on an outlet (“zone”) when put P12 to standby, this outlet will be always on, others will be off. I think, reg power only apply when the outlet is been used. When nothing is plugged to my P12, it shows regen power of 0w.
  2. From https://www.psaudio.com/directstream-power-plant-12/. “…The P12 Power Plant was the 2nd generation … Chief Engineer, Bob Stadtherr who invented a new type of regeneration circuit that improved the efficiency of the internal regenerator by a whopping 70% (from 50% to 85%)…”

The Power Plants are designed to be on 24/7. You’ll get the best performance that way.
There’s a ~45W draw on mine when everything connected to it is off or on standby.

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