Turntables for Sprout

I’ve had my Sprout since the kickstarter (love it btw) and am just now checking out turntables. Picked up a SONY PS-LX300USB at the local big box store to test things out.

The same Rolling Stone article that featured Sprout a year ago recommends to U-Turn Orbit Basic.

It’s been so long since I’ve owned a turntable, I’m not sure what to look for. What’s “enough” for Sprout. What would be “too much”? What should be avoided?

I am using a Rega RP1 that I added the “white” belt, Nagaoka MP110 and a leather mat I made. Upgrades are not needed as it sounds good stock…but gives you something to play with. I really dig this TT.

Well, I bought a U-Turn and really like it with the Sprout. I may enjoy this more than the Digital 192/24 DAC with Roon. Not sure if it is the sound or the overall experience. But count this customer pleased.