Types of headaches

When I put on Brave Combo’s “O Holy Night (Cha Cha Cha)” usually a few people get seriously annoyed with me. (They can play anything as a polka.)

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Any variation of Little Drummer Boy gives me a stress headache every time

In our kitchen Christmas playing 24/7, but not in my listening room, PS Audio all day. I love Christmas music traditional, blues, reggae, Country, bluegrass, jazz and classic genre. Check out Otis Redding’s “White Christmas”.

Besides, some of my best Christmas gifts were PSA and cable components.

Merry Christmas,

Tracey Thorn’s “Tinsel and Lights” is an exceptional non- canonical Christmas album. One of my favorites.

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THIS is my childhood Christmas. LOve it.

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The gold standard


HoHoHo, it doesn’t get better than this…


What the…???

…well, now we’re already in Christmas mood check out this one… :angel:


I allow three cds of Xmas music to be played around Xmas. Marcus Roberts “Prayer for Peace,” June Christy “This Time of Year,” and Bob Dylan “Christmas in the Heart.”

Handel’s “Messiah” is always welcome, that was our family’s soundtrack growing up.

This has always been a favourite, though not really all Xmas.

The Mariah Carey song is a great favourite here at Christmas with the grandchildren, who dance to it. Seeing how happy they are reconciles me to it … well … almost.


Best Christmas song ever,

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Hmmm Yes, though horribly over played (at least here in the UK) :slight_smile:

Funny Stuff!

I didn’t realize that a simple cartoon would generate so much attention, especially in the humour section.
Actually, my intention was to focus on Mall Muzak that drives me nuts.
But keep up your enlightening comments.

Christmas music and crazed Christmas shoppers make this the worst time of the year. Bah Humbug.

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