HO HO HO Wavestream for Christmas


Yes Paul, this is what we have resorted to to get an update…HAHAHA


Christmas? You mean the holiday coming up in a couple of days? I was preparing my lumps of coal … >:)


Glad you are keeping your sense of humor…HAHAHAHA…how about a Wavestream release that is not quite there…you know …like getting the toy you didn’t want for Christmas instead of the one you did want. At least we could all experiment with it as the final bugs are worked out?


Or how about we all send 20 dollars to Paul and he hires Jesus of Sonore for a day or two?


@lstack Doesn’t this thread belong the Forum Humor section?


Jesus, Christmas, humor section, lumps of coal? Oiii Vay!


How about we discuss music servers that work. That’s not a limp of coal.



For PC users I suggest foobar2000 with its foo.out.upnp component (works like WaveStream) and the MonkeyMote iApp. MonkeyMote is a couple bucks and everything else is free (you need Apple’s Bonjour for MonkeyMote to work but that’s free too). I get gapless streaming at 192/24 with only minor glitches.


Next time I have some time to play around I am going to try this.


Yes let’s do music servers . I bought a krell connect. I’m sure it will work!

I asked the guy selling it after I bought why did he sell it. It was a demo model.

I asked how does the dac sound ? Sounds warm and sweet . Lol. Really !


If there is no wavestream for us for Christmas perhaps we could get a nice tour package of this for Paul:




That makes me anxious just looking at the picture. :open_mouth:



I just spent 2 grand on the alrainbow server guaranteed to work LOL. and if and when Paul’s version becomes a reality I can use this elsewhere.


I have honestly forgotten. Is Wavestream the product previously discussed that was suppose, or is going to, resolve gapless playback, radio streaming, and some other Bridge-associated issues?

Is this still in the works? What is the latest information on this?










It’s still in the works. PS Audio is transferring the project(s) to new developers in hopes of getting it moving faster.

I hope that I am not revealing more here than Paul would like to, but I think that my statement is reasonable (and encouraging) information for the general populace.



Thanks JP. I have lost track of the status of this project. As things do progress, it will be nice to learn more about the details…

Christmas? You mean the holiday coming up in a couple of days? I was preparing my lumps of coal ...... >:)

Oh no, not more coal...a few of us are beginning to feel like Bob Cratchit!