UK P20 owners, 'dodgy' sockets, tiny movements can change power output?

Enquiring if other UK P20 owners have noticed the 13 sockets on their P20 can be ‘finicky’?

I use mostly Furutech NCF UK mains plugs and connectors on my equipment.
I find that the slightest movement of the plug in the UK socket can be the difference between getting a mains connection or no power going to the equipment at all.
I’ve sometimes to go round the back of the P20 and move the plug a little bit in the socket to get power to go to its respective equipment.

One instance that is especially troublesome is my Chord dac.
I use it with a Chord transport.
I’ll frequently see the Dac display illuminate, sometimes several times during a song.
Chord tells me this is down to it experiencing a change on the input.
The Dac is very hard on the BNC cables going into it and I had put it down to maybe not a perfect fit due to having to move the BNC pin when having to re-insert it after some equipment change.
(I try to do this as little as possible due to the above ‘quirk’).
I noticed today when playing music the dac was really struggling, looked like it was finding it difficult to receive power and was ‘skipping’ some of the music.
(Another thing I’ve noticed over time is that in switching on both the CD transport and dac is that there would be a slight increase in hum or noise for maybe a few seconds while the kit stabilizes.)

Today, as stated, the dac seemed to be really struggling for power and I was afraid it would actually ‘die’ and knowing my P20 was quite finicky with plug and socket issues I decided to re-check both the transport and dac plugs in the P20.

When i did this i noticed the little buzz / hum I usually heard when switching on the transport and dac had gone and the dac was a lot more stable.
The display did come on a couple of times but nowhere near as often as it had previously done.

I’m going to try swopping the transport and dac mains plugs in the P20 and maybe trying different sockets altogether to see if I can resolve the issue completely.

I’d be interested to know if any other UK owners are experiencing the same issue with their units sockets?

Played some music last night and the dac display illuminating was greatly reduced but not totally solved.

I’ve subsequently today swopped the dac and cd transport mains plugs going into the P20.
I’ll further check with listening tonight.

No other UK owners experiencing this issue?
Maybe mine is faulty then and needs a repair?