Ultracapacitor power supply

This entertaining presentation by Gabster on his ultracapacitor-based DAC really piqued my interest…

Never seen this technique used before, very clever - using 3000F capacitors to power a DAC off the grid, consumption is low enough to run on them for hours, with a few minutes of charging in between.
Can it get any better? This is cost and size limited as of today, but if you’ve got the money and space to power an amplifier with a bank of these, why not!
So far there have been off-the-grid battery-based solutions, like what ASR does, but with ultracapacitors we’re dealing with exceptionally lower internal resistance. Super.
(And no I’m not very familiar with ASR’s approach in detail, it must be a clever solution too but it’s not ultra.)

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I watched this video also, very interesting. I noticed that he also built a very nice power supply, does that mean it can run off the linear power supply or the super capacitors?

I think it runs on the linear power supply while the ultracapacitors are charging.