My DMP 2.06 firmware originally and stopped playing hybrids then upgraded to 3.06 stopped

selection of any DSD layer on Hybrid SACDs just doesn’t happen no matter what the … setup preference is selected always plays CD PCM

Play fine on my Oppo Universal Player as DSD

In setup have selected each option stereo SACD Multi redbook removed discs put in other SACD hybrids and played single layer DSDs then put in a Hybrid

Hybrid SACd’s always revert to CD PCM 44.1

Have downloaded and updated firmware multiple time and do indeed see the flashing power light before initialization

Unplugged reset re-initialized

Unplugged IS2 connection to DSDSr

Tried numerous SACDs and types

Single layer DSD discs pay as DSD just fine

Maybe I need to buy a BHK 250 amp… likely the cause☺️

Support has been in a move and catch-up mode… tried everything I can think of maybe I need to drive up to the new digs in Boulder and go have a few craft beers

Really wanted to listen to my SACDs…



Pickup one of the Oppos or Panasonic’s that allow you to rip your SACDs and wave goodbye to transport issues and then enjoy a few craft beers. :smirk:

I have a PS3 and an Oppo 105# and do some ripping of disks but prefer how the DMP Transport reveals through the I2S interface and the DSDSr through my BHK Preamp. Never believed it could sound better on a transport but similar to various interface method reclockers through curious USB cables Ethernet bridge etc even Server Appliance’s and a Sonore MicroRendu it’s unique and more …

Maybe we can have a craft beer keg party with the ISV V at the old facility!!! Afternoon before RMAF

I’ve never heard a good transport but then I’ve never heard the PSA. I chose to put my money in a Pink Faun 2.16 server. Seems after many years and numerous builds they uncovered every detail and it outputs pristine I2S to DS.

I’m over a 1000 miles from Boulder. I’ll hoist one regardless!

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Clean the lens. When the lens is dirty, the player will have trouble finding the DSD layer and will default to the Redbook layer.