SACD display on screen

Basic and possibly newbie question :disappointed:
I am playing Pink Floyd -Wish you were here SACD on my PS Audio Perfectwave transport .
On the screen it displays CD 44.1/16 - why does it not display SACD ??? Do i need to change a setting .

  1. Do you have the PST (PS Audio’s current transport offering) or the original Perfectwave transport from eight or 10 years ago? My recollection — and someone will correct me if my memory is failing – is that the latter does not play SACDs.

  2. With the PST, you must set it to read the SACD layer of the disc, not the CD layer. See page 16 of the manual. If you don’t have a manual, you can download one from the Support tab of the PS Audio website.

  3. In order for the transport to output the digital SACD data, it must be connected to a PS Audio DAC using one of the I2S inputs. You can find more details about this in the manual also.

The Perfectwave Transport (PWT) does not support SACD.

This PerfectWave transport does send DSD to the DSD

This earlier one does not.

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No SACD on the PWT but it will play dop dsd files burneb onto a DVD the equvalent DSD064.

The first pic is the PST, S for SACD, the second is the PWT. As you state it does not support SACD. The PST has a menu setting named LAYER. If it’s set to CD the transport will play that layer on a hybrid SACD .

Thankyou for your considered reply. I have the latest PST and am awaiting delivery of the PS DAC Mk II and the Airlens this week.
I will delve into the menu and adjust settings and hook up all my I2S connections next week

You’re welcome! I have a DS MK2, an AirLens, and a PST — and my system has never sounded so good. I expect you will be very happy. If I may offer some unsolicited advice:

The DS MK2, like most PS Audio equipment, requires a long break-in. You can plan on at least 250 hours. You can stream from the AirLens or put several hours worth of music on a thumb drive and plug it into the PST, set on repeat (no need to run your preamp and amp all the time for break-in).

Many people here find that using an XLR cable rather than an RCA for the DAC‘s output gives better sound quality.

Once break-in is accomplished, you will definitely want to try different cables. There is a detailed thread about the best HDMI/I2S cables on the forum here.

Thankyou again !
Yes I am very much looking forward to connecting up my new devices next week on their arrival . When you say XLR i assume you are referring to a balanced cable ? .
I purchased the PS audio HDMI cables (x2) with the gear , expensive but i thought keep things PS audio reccomended . However I will read thread on HDMI cables . Also thanks for the burn-in advice .
How have you found the AirLens ?

Yes, XLR = balanced cable.

PSA no longer markets cables under their own brand. I imagine you are referring to the AudioQuest cables that they now sell. These are quite good, especially the upper-end ones. But there is a lot of competition in the cable arena. AudioQuest cables also are known for requiring lots of break-in. (I speak from my own experience as well as from what others have reported.) You might find it interesting to start with generic HDMI cables and later try the AudioQuest ones you bought and see what you hear.

I like the AirLens very much. There is another long thread here about which streamer to use with the DS MK2. Some people report that the more expensive streamers on the market provide better sound quality, as well as offering additional features such as screens and a larger selection of inputs. In my system, the AirLens is perfect; I didn’t want to spend more and I don’t need anything other than what it provides. And the sound quality is very good, at least to my ears.