PS Audio PWD mk1 No sound , no click when turned on

I am the happy owner of PS Audio Perfect Wave Digital To Analogue Converter is short PWD. It started to malfunction lately. It occasionally stopped playing but after cold restart it worked again. But now the trick does not work anymore, There is no sound and on the display no error and the volume is set to max and no mute is on. If I turn the volume all the up to max on the amp I can hear a very faded sound coming form the speakers. Good sign that at least the DAC section is working. I use to hear the click of a relay when its was switched on or changed the input now I no longer hear it . Its silent.

Its connected to my cd player via coax and there is nothing else connected other than the Amplifier. I have a bridge card but I don’t use it. Changed the all cables, changed to toslink input, hooked to a different amplifier even tried with USB connected to my notebook . Nothing the PWD remain silent.

Good points are that I remember the click from a relay and that turning the volume to max something can be heard. The relays must have a functionality to decouple the output when switching settings or input , perhaps to avoid the loud bump to be heard through the speakers. Faulty relays or the audio board has a problems?

FIRMWARE is the latest 3.0.4 same for the bridge.

Would be nice if I could take look at the schematic or service manual but I do not see it anywhere in this website. Does anyone have it ?

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

Bruno (Tokyo- Japan)

Sorry you’re having an issue. Might be a stuck output muting relay. Can you contact Kanjitsu to get some help?

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