Unwanted things you hear in your set-up

My left channel popped and crackled a little bit this morning. If I was playing vinyl, it could be easily explained, but this is not that. Tube hiss or something during warm-up? Everything is pretty settled right now, so it seems odd. First time.There is certainly an explanation…

How about you?

Hey WATCHad…

In my classic McIntosh MX110 all tube tuner preamp
pop crackle usually meant a tube was on it’s last legs.
This would happen typically with the nos Tungram 6U8
tube…changing out Tungsram for nos Tungsol, GE,
Sylvania etc. would solve the problem.

You might want to start by switching LT channel tube to
right channel on you BHK pre to see if popping crackle
follows the tube to the other channel…

If after swapping your preamp tubes then do the same for
your power amps…

Hope this helps
Best wishes

Loose cable somewhere…?

static electricity?

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Cosmic rays? I kid you not. :wink:

You have a tube approaching end of life.
Switch channels to confirm, and while you are at it follow Ron’s advice. Verify all you connections, and that tubes and circuit boards are fully seated.

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Hmmm…should only have about 225-250 hours on these tubes…not even NOS. Gold Lions.

I’ll see if it repeats and double-check connections. Thanks!

Were you eating a bowl of Rice Krispies?


Ha ha… :grin:
Didn’t think Paul recommended feeding the BHKs with
Rice Krispies… :grin:

Best wishes

I had a similar experience when I changed GL tubes in BHK Pre a few days ago. After installation there was a popping sound on the left channel when I changed the volume every time. These tubes only had a couple hundred-hour usage. So, I switched the R/L tubes, and the popping sound went away. I still do not know why, but they are working fine so far.

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Can’t help with your issue, but on mine, since around March I’ve had popping in the left channel.

Initially I thought it was faulty tubes, so swapped in a new set, but issue persisted.

I had to replace my cartridge last year, and I’m almost certain one of the Pin connections to the left channel ground pin on the cartridge is slightly loose. I fiddled a bit with it and the popping has gone, but want to reapply that pin more securely.

But very pleased it’s not the amp.

It was the first time I really had to do any troubleshooting on my setup, opened my eyes to how procedural it is swapping right and left on each component from the source to the speakers.