UPC 200 - exploded chip on main board

Few days ago my UPC-200 got failure during night time and whole stereo set was off. When opened, I found exploded chip in input circuits of main board, and one resistor is burned away to. Please refer to attached pictures:

What could be the a reason for such failure? All other appliances are okay and I don’t think this was surge or an electrical spike in mains.
Can anyone provide me the the name of the chip that exploded? Is conventional hardware chip, or it should be programmed prior mounting into board? Input cable is PS Audio AC-12, may in be due to reversed connection “live wire - neutral wire” to wall receptacle?


Dang, sorry this happened. I’m guessing simply age of the unit is likely what caused this. I’m going to guess it wasn’t anything external that happened but hard to say for sure. Shooting an email to service@psaudio is your bets bet. We may have spare parts for this guy but I’m not certain. Based off the age, it’s possible we don’t have anything for it any longer.

Okay, I can see that. Anyway what the chip it was? What was written on?

I just tried to find the schem for it and it wasn’t in the usual spot. I’m going to look in another spot and if I find it I’ll forward it over to you.

I was able to dig something up. Just emailed it over to you. Hope it helps!


Many thanks, Jamesh. I’m going to fix my UPC-200.

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Happy to help! Best of luck with the repair!

Might this will help to anyone else.

I went through circuit check and seems found the root case of failure. Relays coil caught short circuit which caused chain reaction to output transistor, next the chip and finally diode bridge \ rectifier.

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Thank you for posting this. It may well help someone else down the line.