Upgraded from Dectet to Power Plant 3

I’d been using PS Audio power conditioner for 8 or 9 years when I finally decided to make the leap to a regenerator. While the improvement was not huge, it was noticeable–and I’d never want to go back.

The most obvious difference is with acoustic guitars, which have a clearer attack. As a guitar player, this alone was worth the price of admission for me. I also noticed that drum hits, especially toms, sound more solid. Closely mic’s pianos have a similar gain in solidity. Finally, reverberation sounds a bit more realistic and conveys the recording space. All of the above is with hi res recordings.

My system:
Marantz Model 30 integrated amp
Marantz SACD 30n (also used as a DAC, fed by a laptop)
Quad Z2 standmount speakers
SVS SB1000 sub
Anticable wires and interconnects
Pangea power cords


Welcome, @aalumkal !

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Thanks, Elk.

Very nice system and welcome!!

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Hey aalumkal

Welcome to the forum…

A regenerator is enables a big step up in sound quality for
our systems…and you are enjoying the rewards of a power

Which regenerator did you purchase?

Congratulations and enjoy!!

Indeed you have a very nice system.

Best wishes

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Thanks, Baldy.

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Thanks, Davida. I have the Stellar Power Plant 3.

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I too find the Stellar PP3 to yield an “incremental” improvement.

I have had one for months and have yet to settle on an optimum configuration with regard to connected components and the power cables I have on hand.

I won’t be taking it out of the signal path though!

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Thanks, scotte1.

Once mine is fully house broken, I mean broken in :grinning:, I’ll try adding some vibration control. Probably Vibrapod cones and discs, which helped my SACD/CD player sound better.


I’m almost to 200 hours of break in, and the PP3 has continued to get better. Now it is significantly better than the Dectet. Earlier I played the hi res download of The Crane Wife (10th Anniversary Edition) by the Decemberists. The vocals and acoustic guitars were so realistic sounding that I stopped what I was doing (cleaning up in the kitchen) and listened.

Vibration control (Vibrapod discs and cones, along with modest-sized sorbothane panels on the top and bottom surfaces) are now in place.

Finally, as I mentioned in another thread, I cleaned the metal contacts on the fuse, fuse holder, and the space where the holder goes with Caig Deoxit Gold. Flipping the fuse around yielded inferior results, so it’s in the original orientation.