Stellar p3 vs dectet?

I’m a few years away from dropping for a p20, but in the meantime I’m looking hard at lower level options. Wondering if anyone can give some insight into the performance difference between a dectet and a stellar p3?

For some background, I’m stuck in a rental house for 2 years and the stereo is in the main living room sharing a 15amp circuit with a bunch of switching power supplies for lights etc for other quality of life reasons. It is what it is. Would need to connect the DS dac, a wyred 4 sound music server, a rega elex r integrated amp, Martin Logan Dynamo 700 sub. Not the most highly demanding system so I think a p3 would be fine.

I’m thinking about trying out a pair of kii threes in the next year if I see a used deal I like enough. I’m not sure the p3 would have enough juice to handle the 6 250w amps per speaker for that.

The Dectet’s one of the best passive products I have auditioned, but it’s more in the camp of doing no harm than helping make things significantly better. In other words, adding a Dectet works to protect equipment and give you more outlets without robbing your
system of life (as most passive power conditioners tend to do).

Power Plants, on the other hand, not only protect and increase outlets, but now we’re in the territory of increasing performance by noticeable amounts.

The P3 is fine for sources and small amplifiers and will make a dramatic difference in performance.

What he said… ; )