Uptone Audio LPS-1 Question

Does anyone know what it means when the orange LED on the LPS-1 is on, mine was showing orange yesterday and it shut down. There is nothing in the manual and Alex is away for the next week.


All I can recommend (having owned the lps-1 in the past and presently the LPS-2) is to reboot the device. It should cycle thru red-yellow and finally green. If this does not happen, your LPS-1 may be dead. Sorry I can’t suggest more. I eventually had to replace my LPS-1 with an LPS-2,unfortunately.

It means the supply cannot provide the power it is being asked to deliver. It is a bad sign. It means a new supply will be necessary soon.
This happened to two of my supplies. It left a bad taste in my mouth for these supplies. I have the 1.2 model.

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Thanks, I’ve had it for several years and never had this happen, but hadn’t been used for 2 years until yesterday and it shut down after an hour. Was playing sweet though. Strange there is nothing on the orange in the manual,I’ll try again.

How does the 1.2 compare, I read somewhere a user preferred the 1.

Ok :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:, thanks

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I don’t want it to be true. But in my situation it happened to two out of two units.

May I suggest if you’re getting a new unit, try a Farad Super 3 instead, it’ll outperform the Uptone and is very reliable. I had 2 units from Uptone, one is the EtherRegen and both units broke on me prematurly. I would never get another Uptone product again.


I was unaware of the reliability issue but haven’t followed the forum for several years. Thanks for the help.

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Same here. Pardo or Farad for me now.

Ran mine four hrs yesterday still working, no orange for now

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Happy cake day!

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With my AL though not sure it’s needed, definitely helped on my old system, will have too do some comparisons

Had to unplug the PS now I got blinking red which apparently means it’s drawing more than 1.1 amps, what determines the draw ? With my bridge II never had overload.