Uptone EtherREGEN btwn NAS & DSjr

Anybody use the Uptone EtherREGEN between their NAS (mine is Qnap TVS-471) and a DSjr (or DSsr)? The input “B” side of the EtherREGEN is gigabyte and the “A”output side is only 100mbps. Advantages or disadvantages. The “A” side output is a question.

I have a Qnap NAS, a TS-x53B. It’s connected to the home network and ultimately to my ROON server from an EtherRegen. To quote Ted, speed = noise. A 100mb connection is more than fast enough. I cut digital noise by using fibre into my EtherRegen and a custom silver Ethernet cable to my server. Works flawlessly.


Yes. I use fiber from a Ubiquiti switch to the EtherRegen, then Ethernet to a DS Jr. Sounds much better than straight Ethernet to the DS Jr. Better again with a good power supply on the EtherRegen.

True I power mine with the latest HDPlex 300W.

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I use th SOtM iSO-CAT6 regen, and with good SQ results, clearly audible.

Yes I used a EtherRegen to the DSJ and streamed via ethernet. It sounded much cleaner than from MacMini USB to DSJ.

I recently upgraded to a Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical > Matrix > IIS > DSJ - best I’ve heard yet

Thanks everybody. I feel good that it’ll be okay. But, I have some audiophile esoterica to look up. Cheers.