US plugs on UK power

Have my AVR (Denon X3600H) connected to my Stellar DAC/pre using the HT in function. As seems fairly typical of receivers it gives a loud hum when connected. Wondered if I can safely use a US plug with adapter to lift the ground. I’m guessing no due to voltage difference but wondered if anyone has experience. If not, anybody have other suggestions? An RCA ground lifter is on it’s way to try already, just waiting for delivery.

Hello, sorry for this silly question but was is your wall plug, US o UK. I have an onkyo and no hum when connected

Not a silly question, guess I should have made things clearer. I’m in UK so operating on 240v. 3 prong type plugs with a ground.

My guess it that you can use a US plugs with and adaptor (I’ve done so). I’m not sure it will solve the problem but everything safe is worth trying.

An the safer will be to wait for answers of more skilled members :wink:

I’ll confess up front I’ve played with 3rd prong ground lift adapters in the past. That said, I can’t in good conscience recommend doing so to anyone else because of safety concerns. Ground loops can be caused by the simple act of connecting sources to the receiver (or preamp, or integrated). The root cause in that case is small chassis ground reference potential differences. My two cents is to try running ground wires between your source components and your receiver. That equalizes those small chassis ground potential differences without the need to defeat the AC plug ground prong itself. I have a spool of cheap hookup wire in my toolbox I keep around just for that purpose. When I have a hum problem I cut off a piece, strip the ends and hijack a chassis screw at each end to ground the components to each other.

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Nice suggestion, thanks. I’m really hoping the RCA ground noise suppressor will solve the problem. If not should only take a couple of minutes to root around in the garage and find a spool of cheap wire.