USB driver issues

hello everyone
my new mk 2 bhk dac wont connect to the computer.ive installed and uninstalled both drivers many times.turned on /off many times ,but windows just keeps on saying it doesnt recognise the driver,thus i cant connect to the new dac. anyone found oa fix for this yet?

I was able to connect right away using the newer driver.
What version of windows?
how long is your usb cable (keep less than 15’)

I did have issues with my room correction software, Focus Fidelity. It does not see the DAC even though the computer sees it. I had to put a DDC in the middle (Matrix). I did have issues with too long of a usb cable. dont go longer than 15’

Hello Brian
That could be the issue. I’d guess the usb cable is longer than 15 feet. However the dac does see my computer. The little green light on the fascia lights up. I’m trying to use REW to set up my subs. It worked on the mk1 dac. Just not this new one. I’ll try shortening the cable first.
Many thanks