USB driver XMOS


I am trying to connect my Macbook pro mid 2012 to the sprout. it connects good with bluetooth the turntable works great. but when i connect with USB cable it takes awhile to find the XMOS drive then disappears, and today does not appear at all. i tried all even bought an expensive usb cable from audioquest “cinnamon” any suggestions ? most of my music is digital some HF



I have the same problem.

This is my first day with the sprout… My Rega Planar 3 sounds great, as does bluetooth which works a treat with my iphone and ipad, Q Acoustics 3020s sound lovely along with the Velodyne Micro-vee sub connected via analog 3.5mm out. My Mac Mini connected by Audioquest forest usb cable however, it worked well for a few hours then just dropped out, not to be found in the sound preferences again (yet, if like the above issue sounds like it may drop in and out).

I am really enjoying this fun sounding amp. What do I do from here?


Great to hear you’re loving the Sprout! How are you liking the Q Acoustics 3020s?

Though USB is usually a very robust connection, and should work well with your Mac, there are a few limitations.

We always suggest you use a high quality cable, but for testing purposes, the shortest USB certified cable you can find is great.

Go ahead and try out a few different cables, and if this doesn’t work, email me directly at and we can try to work this out together.

  • Jamesh