Used DSD Jr still a good investment?

Prices are falling rapidly for the DSD Mk1. Lots of people asking $3000-3400 for good used DSD’s with Bridge II’s but they are not selling. Selling prices are in the mid to high $2000’s.

TMR is asking a premium given their extra services like free audition period. Even TMR has dropped prices about $400 recently.

If you can wait 4 months, the market will start to flood with DSD Mk1’s. Prices will continue to drop.


Thank @nordicDave and @jazznut I think I can wait for price drops on the DSD mk!, It’s a good suggestion.

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I decided to pop for a used DSJ. $2000 for a mint condition DSJ with Sunlight installed. I use the Bridge II input exclusively. Not concerned at all about there being no more software updates. None of the rest of my gear gets updates. The Sunlight update seems to be extremely well-regarded.

It sounds great, the Bridge II works perfectly. I have identified four Android apps which can locate the Bridge on my network and stream to it, including the Lumin app.

That said, if I was not going to use the Bridge, I would probably have gone with one of the used DS sr on the market, I’ve seen a number in the $2500-$2700 range.