Using a Power Block with the P5

I have a P5 Power Plant coming soon which I want to use to power both my hi-fi and home cinema systems. The P5 will be seated on a hi-fi rack with the hi-fi components. The home cinema system is on the other side of the room and consequently its power cords will not reach the P5. Rather than spend a fortune replacing the power cords (which are very exotic) I plan on purchasing just one long power cord and a high quality power block to power the home cinema system.

Are there drawbacks to plugging the entire home cinema system (which comprises of 4 components) into one outlet socket on the P5? Will performance be affected in any way? Thanks.

Hey zenmonkey…what components make up your home theater,
av, sources, subs projectors?

Best to plug analog gear into a different outlets to minimize
interference between them…

Plugging them in together will more than likely cause some
form of interference resulting in distortions…and poor soiund
quality…as well as video.

Best wishes

Thanks for your reply. My home cinema system consists of an OLED TV, home cinema receiver, subwoofer and 4k blu ray player. I had a feeling plugging them all into one outlet on the P5 might come at a cost but hoped the feeling was misplaced.

Because it’s for the HT system, it’s not terrible. HT setups tend to be less critical, so the added resistance that is inevitable in this setup won’t be a huge draw back. If you were doing this for the hifi system, I’d really try to recommend against it. Do be careful about not pulling too much from the P5. If the load % is less than about 75-80, this won’t be a problem.

Thanks for your advice, jamesh. I am conscious of load but the P5 will never be powering the hi-fi and home cinema systems simultaneously (only one at a time) so I’m hopeful load will always remain within 75%.

Another option is to swap the power cords with longer but less expensive replacements - in which case the pertinent question is will the home cinema system perform better by plugging each component directly into the P5 using good quality (but not high end) power cords compared to plugging them all into one socket via a mains block and high end power cords?