Watching video w/audio output to bridge II

I have Concert videos on my Synology NAS. I would like to watch them on my TV via hdmi from laptop. I would like the audio to go to bridge II. How can I accomplish this? JRiver? I had a trial but it over and I didnt think about this then. What options do I have?


Cant be done??

Not exactly like you want but I achieve splitting video and audio using an older Apple TV 3. HDMI goes to my AV processor > display. Optical out from ATV3 goes into DS. I believe this is what you mean/want when you say to Bridge II. I then use Airplay from an iPad to the Apple TV 3 to get the signal into the system.

Older Apple TV 3 can be found for ~$50 USD.

Hope this helps,

I do this by running HDMI to my TV and use the TOSLINK out of my TV to my DAC

I use my Panasonic TV as a video & audio switch for several HDMI inputs (Apple TV, DVD recorder, Blueray player & TV) and connect the Toslink audio output from the TV to the DSD.