DS/Bridge/Wavestream and YouTube downloaded files playing with foobar - conflict?

Win 8.1 Pro x64, DS w/ Bridge and Wavestream, foobar. I set up the Bridge and Wavestream last night and noticed right away - and again this morning - that some files were stopping when, for instance, I clicked on a taskbar icon or a browser tab. The foobar slider shows where it’s stopped, as if paused, but when restarted they go back to the beginning. It’s been seemingly random: a file might play for 50 minutes or stop early on. The files? So far, while mp3 and flac files seem ok, the problems have been downloads from YouTube in mp4, ones that typically play fine with USB (they used to require conversion for foobar, but haven’t noticed that need lately). Just to test, I converted one to mp3 audio, but it also stopped eventually, though I wasn’t paying close attention to what I was doing at the time. And another stopped just now, about 5 minutes in, with no computer action at all; my hand was on the remote, illuminating the DS’s screen to check the playback: PCM 24 bits/44.1lk. But trying again, the same 8-minute song played all the way through without stopping. Anyone else seen something like this or have a possible explanation? Thanks,