Vandersteen Treo CT's


My HiFi+ review of the Vandersteen Treo CT’s is on line now. They sound great with the PS Audio gear!


These are amazing speakers - the only thing I would trade mine for is a pair of Quatros. Also great WAF.


Well done, OP. A well written review; and lots of PS Audio gear in the mix!

I especially appreciated your insightful comment about how “personal” and long-lasting a speaker choice is, once you really get hooked on a highly performing, or as you put it: “the right” pair. I have had my Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1 speakers for more than a dozen years and just can’t seem to justify an upgrade (at least not without spending a lot of dough to get a big improvement). As soon as I discover that changes in the kit upstream, room acoustics and speaker placement no longer result in an improvement of my enjoyment, I’ll start shopping for speakers. It looks like I should put the Treo CT’s on my short list. They appear to fit well with my value sensibilites (i.e., big bang for the buck), when it comes to this hobby.