Vandersteen Treo CT's

My HiFi+ review of the Vandersteen Treo CT’s is on line now. They sound great with the PS Audio gear!


These are amazing speakers - the only thing I would trade mine for is a pair of Quatros. Also great WAF.

Well done, OP. A well written review; and lots of PS Audio gear in the mix!

I especially appreciated your insightful comment about how “personal” and long-lasting a speaker choice is, once you really get hooked on a highly performing, or as you put it: “the right” pair. I have had my Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1 speakers for more than a dozen years and just can’t seem to justify an upgrade (at least not without spending a lot of dough to get a big improvement). As soon as I discover that changes in the kit upstream, room acoustics and speaker placement no longer result in an improvement of my enjoyment, I’ll start shopping for speakers. It looks like I should put the Treo CT’s on my short list. They appear to fit well with my value sensibilites (i.e., big bang for the buck), when it comes to this hobby.


Bob, what amp are you using with your Treo’s?

MnyTnx, John

Currently Ayre KX-5 Twenty and VX-5 Twenty, previously Hegel H160. For the price the Hegel is truly great, but I did find it a little limiting in terms of inputs, and my plan is to get Vandersteen Quatros, hence the move to separates, as you have to put the high-pass filter between pre and power amp. I will say that the only reason I didn’t go with PS Audio for the pre and power combo was that in my setup I just gotta have a fixed-level preamp output, and once I had bought the Ayre pre, I decided it wanted the matching power amp. Am very happy with the Ayre stuff, but ouch, they are pricey, and at heart I remain a tube lover. Anyway, I am very much eyeing the upcoming PS Audio AN3’s. I will tell ya… Richard Vandersteen REALLY knows his craft, and the Treos are a triumph, except for the bottom octave. But I am still looking forward to hearing the AN3’s!!

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Heard the Quatro Woods at AXPONA. They sounded sweet! The powered sub really added a beautiful fullness to their sound.

Agree. That last bit of fullness is what is missing in the Treos. I use them (Treos) with a sub, but really the last remaining problem with my system is some room modes in the 60-80hz range, so that is something that bass correction a la Quatros or the upcoming PS AUdio speakers will help with.

I just want to say to Paul and the rest of PS Audio…Richard Vandersteen’s work sets a very high bar!! But you guys may be able to best it… I am looking forward to auditioning the AN3’s!

Richard is one of my heroes and his work is exemplary. Hard to go wrong with a Vandersteen.