Nice upgrade from modded Hales Transcendence 5’s

I have a pair of 24 year old Hales T5’s speakers which I have modded the crossovers with high end parts and I replaced the stock tweeters with Seas Millennium tweeters. I just a year and a half ago had the speakers looked at by a technician who did some repair work and then measured the speakers that they matched each other nicely. The speakers are nice but I wonder if I wanted to one day upgrade them what speakers would I look at. Assuming I would probably need spend $20k or more what would be nice. Any advice would be appreciated. I should mention that my Hales T5’s speakers are still very nice. I don’t think I would sell them for the $1500 or $2000 I might get for them. I would probably put them in storage. They are worth more to me than I could get for them. All this said I will probably not really look at changing them for many years.

Mitch, are you near any audio salons, or are there any audio clubs in your area? There’s lots of stuff out there up to the $20K mark, if that’s your target.

It has been many years since I have gone stereo shop hopping. Many of the old stores have closed but there are still a few local to the Vancouver BC Canada. I would need travel a distance to audition speakers. Magico speakers are available to audition as are Wilson speakers. Magnaplanors would be nice as would be bigger Vandersteen. I never liked B&W speakers but they are available to audition. At the moment I am only researching possibilities to audition and of course my Hales T5’s are nice.

Look into Verity made in Quebec City

You’re not too far from Seattle. They moved the Pacific Audio Fest to June 23-25 of this year. If you can swing it, it might be worth heading down to get exposure to a lot of stuff. But if you’re going to consider this, book a room now. :wink: