Very short gaps during playback, Tidal to DSJr

I’m generally happy with streaming Tidal through Ethernet from an Xfinity cable modem to the Bridge 2 in my DSJr, but have recently noticed a few tiny dropouts on occasion. I’m talking sub-second dropouts with no clicks, pops, noise or audible distortion, and so very brief that they don’t even affect my perceived timing of the music.

I am in MN and I know that very cold temps, which we’re experiencing, can affect cable performance. I have no idea if that’s involved, but I hadn’t noticed any of this until recently and at 4:15PM, it is presently 1°F here. A measly degree.

I’d been happy enough in general that I haven’t pulled the trigger on the EtherREGEN, which I kind of want, if only to feed my audiophilia nervosa. Does anyone have theory (welcome), experience (more welcome), or wild opinions (entertaining) about how the EtherREGEN might a) reduce this minor annoyance, and/or b) improve audio quality in general.

Thank you in advance, and happy listening!

I would reboot the cable modem, and switches/routers/access points and the DSJr and see if it continues. If any of Xfinity gear was susceptible to the cold you’ve probably have lost service by now.

Rebooting the cable modem will cause it to renegotiate with the upstream distribution point and can often resolve little glitches like this (that can happen frequently but go unnoticed as web pages and email simply won’t care or show it like real-time streaming music).

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I like Brett’s recommendation. Boulder is experiencing some record cold temps over the weekend and I don’t expect there to be any hiccups. It’s about 0F right now, and seems Xfinity to be chugging right along.

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