Vince is losing his mind

Yes, I know and expect several concurring comments.

Here goes nothing:
Within the past week I have seen an image of speaker cable lifters that are tire shaped where the speaker cable goes through the middle of the lifter. The lifter itself is skeletal similar to a no air tire. Has anyone seen these? I thought they were Synergistic or Shunyata, but looking at their sites I don’t see them.

I thought something like this would be interesting for my application. My gear is in a cabinet on wheels, to access the rear I need to roll the cabinet away from the wall. Traditional lifters are a PITA.

Something like this:



Genius! That’s it!!!


Of course now that I see the price, I am wondering what RC car tires might be like instead…


Well Vince…extreme low aspect ratio tires…will make for
fast quick turn on a pin head super fast upgrade to speaker cables…

A bit large for speaker wire lifts though.

Vince losing your mind? Naaaaw never…but so has everyone in
this “hear” hobby :innocent: :smiley:

Best wishes


I may try one of these, it’s a dog toy.


Might be good for vibration damping…maybe?

Best wishes

RC Car:

You could so 3D print something like that cheap. The key is keeping the cable from sliding or else it won’t be a riser for 100% of the length. It almost has to be attached to the cable. Or some sort of grommet that squeezes it other enough to hold stiff.


The “Kong” dog toy might be strongly odiferous, (unpleasantly odiferous).

As I was looking at it, I was more concerned about our dog who has been for nine years a good citizen when it comes to my gear. This might be too much for him.

I’ve been looking at RC car tires. The racing tires, much like full-sized cars, come in all sorts of formulations…who knew?

Now I kinda want a RC car.


I’ve often thought that most of us in this hobby are a little nuts. :thinking:

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One of the reasons I decided to get Townshend Fractal speaker cable is that they’re designed to sound their best w/o lifters!

$998.00 MSRP for a set of 6!

Pretty rich, even by audionu…er…phile standards.

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All brilliant I say

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Here you go, Vince. Have fun!

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These are great for leaving your dog with something while you’re away. Line the inside with peanut-butter, or whatever is agreeable with your puppy, and rest assured they are busy with the right thing. Freezing with wet dog food might be an even longer lasting option. Kong is a Colorado company just like PSA!

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Good reminder. I use the all natural, two ingredient, type.

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