Viola Organista


My secretary found this and passed it along to me - we talk music since she sings in amateur choirs.


What a wonderful creation. The video is a delight.

Thank you!


Wow! Thank you for sharing!


Amazing. I hope you pay her well!


An observation:

I really like the concept and am amazed it works as well as it does.

However, I find listening to it musically unsatisfying. I do not believe this is the result of it being unfamiliar, but because it sounds so mechanical with no variation in touch or volume.

On the other hand, I enjoy harpsichord which similarly cannot vary touch.

Perhaps it is a combination of learning the sound and needing music written for the strengths of the instrument.


I wonder if a proper recording and perhaps hearing it live would help to make better sense of the two actions on the strings. I too found it a bit monotonous, odd given that it is supposed to be anything but.


Well, clearly we don’t pay her enough because she alerted me to the fact that we have a rather impressive museum here about which I knew nothing:

You can do a virtual tour of the collection, which is rather nice.


This is an impressive collection. Very nice.


This one is nice, too: