Vitus Masterpiece World-Class End Game System

A Layman’s Observations

How does one describe the indescribable?

We have been searching for “our” end game system. That is “the” superior system that gives us a true sense of live sound in our living space. We’ve come extremely close with some other audio systems - really close! But while we were satisfied the search still continued for “the” absolute right sound for “us.”

We now own a Vitus Masterpiece front end which has been added to Vitus SM-103 monos and Magico M3 Speakers. The Vitus list:

Vitus MP-D201 Mk.III DAC
Vitus MP-L201 Mk.II Line Stage
Vitus MP-T201 MK.II CD Transport
Vitus RC-010 Remote Control
Vitus SM-103 Mono Amps

Synergy of the Vitus Suite:

Hearing is believing. While each Vitus component sounds excellent in its own right, when each piece is paired together into a complete Vitus suite a beautiful dynamic synergy emerges. There’s a balance to the entire system, each component reaching it’s full potential without limiting the others. For us it’s engaging, natural, and relaxed. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And the sound you receive is nirvana - at least for us.

Build Quality:

The build quality of Vitus is the best we’ve owned. Every millimeter is impeccably crafted. Vitus has a clean unobtrusive design. Solid construction. The artistry, skill, and workmanship is off the charts. This is a masterfully over-built product.

Vitus Jet Black Finish:

Ascetics matter. A proper finish on audiophile components is vitally important. Vitus’ “jet black” finish is a little bit of an upgrade and absolutely gorgeous! It’s more than a color, it’s a beautiful texture. It’s exceptionally nice! Of course, with Vitus you may choose your own custom finish.

No Noise:

Vitus Masterpiece units are a marvel to hear, or maybe I should say not hear. Hans-Ole Vitus over-builds his products. He is a master at eliminating noise in his audio components. This is true in each of his designs but especially in his top of the line Masterpiece offerings. There’s a black canvass behind the music. With the noise removed, all that is presented and all that remains is the beauty of the music. Silence is revelatory! Thanks Hans.

Remote Control: Vitus RC-010

Every piece of our Vitus suite is controlled by a well-designed rechargeable remote control. The remote’s screen may be programmed to display only the Vitus pieces one owns. Complete control in one remote for your entire high-end audio system. Simplicity, control, and elegance.

Masterpiece Line Stage: Vitus MP-L201 Mk.II

The Vitus MP Line Stage is the control center (the brains) of the entire Masterpiece system. It’s engineered with a no compromised electronics, mechanics, and power supply. Overall the Vitus MP Line Stage performs its designed functions exquisitely.

This Line Stage gives a beautiful, lush, and detailed presentation. The soundstage is off the charts as compared to many others we’ve listened to. The bass weight, dynamics, low-level detail, texture, and timbre envelop the listener. Ultimately, the MP-L201 Mk.II Linestage gives one unbelievable control over the sources in their system. We’re blown away!

Masterpiece CD Transport: Vitus MP-T201 MK.II

The MP Transport is a work of functional art. It’s built like a tank. The precise drawer mechanism is very special, and exceptionally smooth in its operation. Jitter is of no concern. There’s no veiling of the sound. The sound stage is excellent - deep and wide.

CDs have never sounded better. Even poorly recorded CDs (like “Three Dog Night”) from back in the day become more alive with natural realism. Clean, clear, and precise. And through the Vitus MP DAC, CDs sound absolutely stunning!

Masterpiece DAC: Vitus D201 Mk.III

This DAC is the hugest surprise of all. Because of it’s specs I wasn’t expecting to ever purchase it. The Vitus is only NativeDSD up to 256 and PCM up to 384kHz with 32 bit resolution. Initially, looking just at the specs, I said no way. Other DACs have 512, 1024, etc. However, this Vitus MP DAC has absolutely floored us.

After listening to some of the very best DACs in the entire world (Aqua HiFi Formula xHD, CH Precision C1.2, dCS Vivaldi, EMM DA2V2, Ideon Absolute E + Time, Kalista DreamPlayX + DAC, MSB Select II, Playback Designs MPD-8, Thrax Libra, and even recently a friend’s Lampi Horizon, etc.) we were immediately memorized by the analogue sound of the Vitus MP DAC. The Vitus MP ends our DAC search! It’s “my precious.”

Always Listen! Specs aren’t the entire story in a DAC, or any other piece of audio equipment. Hans voiced the MP DAC to sound analogue. He absolutely nailed it! Combine this DAC with high end cables and as far as sound you have heaven upon earth. This DAC sounds very much like our TT in sound quality and presentation. While I still think vinyl sounds a little richer and fuller, this MP DAC has closed the gap considerably. (Note: this opinion may change after we receive and evaluate a new forthcoming Vitus MP Phono Stage to replace our VAC).

The huge 3D soundstage wraps fully around and envelopes the listener. It’s a venue sound! It presents a new level of vivid clarity with a three-dimensional width, depth, breath, and height. Excellent detail without sounding overly analytical. True resolution. The sound is deep, expansive, saturated, and emotional. Incredible micro and macro dynamics. With the Magico M3 speakers it’s an immersive experience like no other we’ve experienced. Layer upon layer upon layer of life-like reality; dream waves of sound. The presentation is clean, pure, and alluring. There’s excellent separation between the instruments, but still a beautiful absolute unity to the overall sound.

Everything is more musical, detailed, organic, and airy. Music is no longer played as much as it is magnificently displayed. The bass is detailed, fast, and potent. The mid-range displays a “I am there” experience and the tremble is musical and transparent.

I really enjoy female vocals. Voices sound unbelievably natural with Vitus. You can hear the delicate feelings in the lyrics and the vocalist’s distinct pronunciation of every word, every syllable. The lyrics seem almost touchable. Texture, tone, intimacy, seductiveness, sonic purity, and naturalness are all part of this “analogue” type package. Liquidity unlike anything we have encountered. An emotionally engaging sound. There’s a sense of absolute realism; live music, ever so natural. Finally an “analogue” DAC. Addictive!


Vitus Masterpiece components are a STATEMENT no compromise work of functional art that have revolutionized our listening experience. Vitus components are world-class!

Our Dealer:

Tony Barnette

Ellington HiFi

Vitus Audio:

There’s no going back after owning Vitus!


Nice system, but way above my pay grade …. actually it probably lists for more than my house. This elicits other thoughts in my head but I will refrain.

$64,800 and up

$26,401 and up

$36,000 and up

$69,600 and up - each

$94,000 + $9600 for MPod (not mentioned but looks like they are there)

Total $285,401 (minimum list) … I assume the “Jet Black Finish” is an up charge.

No mention of manufacturer and model of turntable, phono pre, streamer/server (Aurender ?), stands, interconnect or power cables. So another big “cha-ching”.


Congrats! Enjoy!

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Have you compared your Aurender streamer to the Grimm MU1? I see Ellington Audio is also a Grimm dealer.

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If it was only in silver.


How did I not see this coming!


Can it be a true “end game system” without a Bacch SP product in the system mix?


I did say that I may never tire of this.

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The turntable is in Vitus’s signature. It’s a budget thing, about $40,000 including two matching arms and some carts that may have had some change out of $10,000. So nothing serious. So maybe around the $400,000 mark.

Having heard those speakers, I would first have rewired and rebuilt the house with some serious acoustic treatment. Maybe he did. I rebuilt and rewired and my audio system costs less than one of the amplifiers.

Is this a Vitus infomercial?

p.s. Anyone who thinks they have an end-game system is as deluded as the next audiophile, me included. There’s always something lurking around the corner. Otherwise, we might as well all take up fishing.

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You quoted some if the older prices. But being semi-retired this is my hobby. And it sounds so good. The hobby is a lot of fun.

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We will be doing a demo of the Grimm against the Taiko Audio Extreme against the Aurender N30SA beginning in app two weeks.



The turntable is a J Sikora. It has two Sikora arms. The two carts are an Airtight Opus 1 and MSL Signature Platinum. Your pricing doesn’t include the rack, cables, dedicated wiring, acoustics (most of it hidden), etc. Why does the total price matter? It doesn’t! I also enjoyed my less expensive systems. It’s about the synergy of the whole. It’s about listening to music in the best way we can …

Needless to say we enjoy Vitus products, but I don’t have any affiliation with them. I’m just a satisfied customer that normally writes about his systems.


Cost being relative this is a top flight system by anyone’s definition and a true end game (if the is such a thing) for many, if not most here

It appears @Vitus has experimented with different brands that his dealer represents and has landed on Vitus aside from the Aurender and the VAC phono. More power to him he’s found a manufacturer that suits his needs and provides system synergy.

I have never been able to achieve synergy, aside from my mononlocks every piece in my chain is from a different manufacturer. I’m more of a “I like that particular piece and incorporate it in” type. But I would like to experience system synergy at a high level one day

Although not to everyone’s taste, the Magicos are killer, they just get better and better as you go up from the A, S, M series

Amazing system that the OP has every right to be proud of



The price doesn’t matter if you have the cash. The M3 system I heard probably cost twice as much - $250,000 amplifier, $150,000 turntable system, $100,000 DAC. There must have been some cables. I just got a call from the distributor of my phono stage - he was telling me their most popular model is the $50,000 version and they sell loads of them.

What struck me is that the left speaker is quite close to a wall/window and the right speaker seems almost in the middle of the room. Let’s face it, it does read like a Vitus informercial. No room for a PS Audio regenerator?

I was pulling @Vitus Joe’s leg because I’d wager he changes the system sooner or later. Why else be an audiophile?

I hated the M3, ran out the room after a few minutes, but all that proves is that it is a matter of personal choice. I’ve never heard Vitus electronics, but at this level it really is a matter of taste. Just because I heard the M3 in a ± $800,000 system and hated them, doesn’t mean other people can’t love them. I think the room acoustics likely become the most critical factor and I would be interested to know more on that.

Personally, I just didn’t bother trying to get a really decent system until I had the opportunity to build a dedicated room, it just seemed a bit of a waste of money (although I did enjoy some PS Audio components). I used Harbeth speakers because they are very listenable in just about any space and they are relatively cheap. Their relative lack of bass avoids bad-space problems.

I can’t say I’ve had a problem with synergy, using components from multiple manufacturers, from all over the world, from mass market to complete bespoke. There is a mass of information out there on the internet. For example. I’d set my heart on a Trilogy integrated amplifier, but with my particular speakers they might have struggled with impedance dips. Buying one brand often works, I did that with Linn, which it is very difficult to mix.

I do apologise to @Vitus for under-estimating his cartridge spend - items way off my radar - they must sound sweet.

I’m on the same page. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I knew the next time I put a big money (for me at least) system together, I’d spend what was needed up front (in what I thought would be a reasonable way) to build a dedicated room, with my desired equipment, with modeled and measured acoustic treatments (the final arbiter always being my personal listening), with as little faffing around as possible. So that’s what I did. :slightly_smiling_face: The results IMO and from those who’ve been here seem to be universally praised. I’d spent way too many years in my own various home environments, and in other audiophiles’ houses, listening to systems - many ungodly expensive - in rooms that weren’t doing it any favors. But it’s a hobby of personal decisions. Folks can do what they want.


A dedicated acoustical treated room will benefit all systems and speakers. I followed your “Most Important Component” thread with interest!

Tastes vary, it’s all good🙂
I personally would love to own M series Magicos, others not so much…


In a perfect world I would have built a room first. But it’s not a perfect world. Many things came to bear upon our decision to obtain the system first. While I won’t go into the details for us this is the best way to precede.

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Understood. As I said, it’s a hobby of personal decisions.

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Sorry for any confusion. What I meant by end game was referring only to the Vitus gear as that was what I was primarily commenting upon. But I can see how it may have been taken differently.

Other things other than the Vitus may be updated. For instance, as I stated above we are preparing to do some streaming testing between the Taiko Extreme, N30SA, and the Grimm. So, I may change streamers. Cables will be updated and I’m still deciding on whether to purchase the Vitus Masterpiece Phono - many other phonos are already under consideration, such as Boulder, Ypsilon, Lamm, etc.